Hidden Springs Rockies


Rocky Mountain Horses and Kentucky Mountain Horses


We are owners and breeders of Rocky Mountain and Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses and we are located in Princeton, WV, which is right on the Virginia border. The mountain horses are known for their wonderful temperaments and have a 4 beat gait that is very comfortable for their rider. They are "people" horses and are very interested in their owners and what is going on around them. Farriers also love them for their hard hooves and the easy way they act when shod. They make wonderful horses for trail riding and the show ring. They are the type of horse you can show one day and trail ride the next.

We are a smaller farm specializing in 2-3 foals a year that are usually for sale. As we do not foal out lots of babies, we have lots of one on one time with them and do a lot of teaching as they grow. At times, we also may have one of our more experienced horses for sale in order to devote more time to working with our younger stock. We breed our stallion to mares that we selected to enable that we have the best bloodlines and are a good match so the foals have the best temperaments, easy to work with, correct conformation, and mannerly like the sire and dam. By the time the foals are sold they are able to lead, tie, load, have good manners and good with the farrier. Lots of people have commented on how friendly all of our horses are. My husband and I handle the horses daily and they get lots of one on one time with us and our visitors. We are very proud of the work that we do here at HSR to insure that when our horses leave our farm, they are well mannered for their new owners.

If you would like to hear more about these wonderful animals please contact us at home at 304-487-6772 in the evenings or my cell 304-888-6165.  If there is no answer both phones have the ability for messages so please leave one and we will get back to you.  We also can be emailed at kimsjivey@yahoo.com or go to our contact page or the request form below and send an email.

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