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Nov 2016- 7 month old Filly

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2016 Filly-Sunny-handling

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3 year old Filly

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We are Robert and Kim Haynes and we started Hidden Springs Rockies back in 1999.. We are located in Princeton, WV which is the southern most tip of WV next to the Virginia border.

We heard about the mountain horses on RFD TV where we saw the most beautiful dark chocolate horse with a snow white mane and tail being featured on the show. Upon hearing that these horses were a gaited breed and were very comfortable to ride and had wonderful personalities we decided we had to have one. We went to several shows and visited 2-3 farms where we met Toni and J.R. Smith in Zenia OH. We bought our first Rocky from them, Sir Winston, a yearling that has the chocolate color we took notice of. And that started what has become our farm today.

We now only raise mountain horses and we have 21 acres with a pond, barn, shed for storing hay, and 4 separate pastures for rotations. We cleared our remaining acres in 2013 and will be fencing them in the spring/summer for more pasture. We are very proud of our herd and love to educate people on this wonderful breed.

We are avid trail riders and love to go camping in the summer with our horses. We also enjoy riding in the various parades around town and find that our rockies take it all in stride. If you have been wanting a mountain horse, then we may have the horse for you! Call us today and let us tell you about what we have for sale or might have upcoming for sale.

Our horses run and jump for joy to be at Hidden Springs Rockies!!!